Plates nickel nickel silver (German mines or new silver) nickel copper weight at least 50 x 70

Nickel silver sheet is a lightweight yet strong metal alloy made of nickel, copper and zinc, this sheet has many advantages over other metals.

Nickel Silver Sheet

Nickel silver sheet is also famous as German metal or New silver.

The origin of this sheet can be traced back to the 1700 when German chemist Mr Marggraf created a single-component alloy of nickel.

In 1832 Henry Clay introduced this product in England, under the name ‘new silver’.

While some artisans prefer working with pure metals like gold or sterling silver, others are drawn to the unique design capabilities offered by this silver alloys, which allow artists greater flexibility.

By the 1950 other variations were developed such as cupro-nickels, making them suitable for use in coins.

Nickel silver can also be found in jewelry, architectural accents, flatware, castings products.

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Nickel Silver Sheet Features

Nickel silver sheet features include strength, resistance to corrosion, ductility and machinability.

In the form of sheets it can be formed or machined into different shapes and sizes for numerous applications.

Title Description
Material nickel, copper and zinc
Known As German metal or New silver
Size 50*70
Applications jewelry, architectural accents, flatware, castings

The unique combination of metals in this product provides strong functionality benefits that make it increasingly attractive in a range of industries.

It is incredibly malleable and can be soldered as well as welded, resulting in very precise parts with clean joints compared with other products.

This makes it especially suitable for complex forms such as musical instruments, watch cases and figurines where fine detailing is paramount.

Other benefits include excellent electrical conductivity and low levels of thermal expansion.

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Buy Nickel Silver Sheet

Buy nickel silver sheet with researching suppliers and looking into reviews is essential.

Comparing the quality and selecting a good brand are important to ensure the best product possible.

It should also be ensured that the product all necessary certifications and industry standards in order to ensure standards.

Additionally, care should be taken to ensure that the sheet is properly spaced and packaged in order to avoid damage during transportation or shipping.

Conscientious attention should be given when measuring dimensions in order to correctly match industry requirements.

Furthermore, verifying that adhesive products with environmental protection performance accord regulations must be done before purchase.

Be careful about thickness of sheet because it must be thick.

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Nickel Silver Sheet Price + Buy and Sell

Nickel silver sheet price is very affordable and it is a good option for many customers.

The price is between 850 and 1100 US dollars.

Factors affecting the price include product transportation costs, daily and monthly salaries of workers, as well as the increase in the cost of maintaining factory equipment.

Different items add 5-8% to the final product price on average.

Recent markets trends have seen slight price fluctuations but overall trends indicate reliable expand ability and low cost production when prices fall within specific markets.

We urge you to contact us for update information regarding this product prices so you can make an informed decision when choose your next metal product from our catalog or website.

Allow us to provide you with the latest news and updates about market changes concerning this product prices!

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The Answer to Two Questions About Nickel Silver Sheet

1: Is nickel silver Real silver?

A variety of copper, nickel, and zinc alloys with a silvery look but no silver are known as nickel silver. Its nickel content ranges from 7 to 30 percent, with 18 percent nickel silver being the most used alloy (18 percent nickel, 62 percent copper, 20 percent zinc).

2: Will a magnet stick to nickel silver?

There is no steel or iron in this metal alloy. Nickel silver does not move when held up to a magnet since these metals are the only ones that can be impacted by magnets.

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